Pokemon FireRed ROM : All Versions for GBA

Pokemon FireRed ROM

Pokemon FireRed ROM and Pokemon LeafGreen is an RPG game. Pokemon FireRed is a sequel of the Pokemon Red and Blue game. This game is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in January 2004 in japan region. The second version was released in Europe and North America in October 2004. Pokemon FireRed is compatible with GBA wireless adapter. You can play it on your computer and PC with the help of a GBA emulator.

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon FireRed

The main character of the game is a small child named pallet Town. Who met with Professor Oak and his grandsons. Professor gave him Pokemon and their journey begins.

This game is a second-generation Pokemon game with improved quality. There is a new story, abilities and powers in the game.

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Download Pokemon FireRed ROM

You can download the trial version or purchase the full Pokemon FireRed ROM from the Nintendo store to play on Your PC and Android Phone.

Don’t forget to select your region to purchase the game in following versions.

  • Pokemon FireRed Japanese version ROM:
  • Pokemon FireRed North America version ROM:
  • Pokemon FireRed Europe version ROM:


How do I download Pokemon Fire Red?

To download Pokemon FireRed you just need to download the ROM of the game (links are given above) and an emulator that can run GBA games.

How many MB is Pokemon Fire Red?

Pokemon FireRed ROM size is 16MB for GBA emulator.

How do you complete Pokemon Fire Red?

To complete the FireRed you must collect 386 Pokemon.

What is the best Pokemon in fire red?

Venusaur, Arcanine, Gyarados and Dragonite are some best Pokemon in FireRed

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