Pokemon Black 2 ROM for NDS

Pokemon Black 2 ROM:

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon white version 2 are developed by a famous Japanese developer Game Freak and Published under the license of Nintendo. Pokemon Black 2 is a Fifth generation Pokemon game and it is a sequel of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. The first version of the game was released in Japan in June 2012. The worldwide release was in October 2012.

Pokemon Black 2

Pokemon Black 2

Pokemon Black 2 is an updated version of Pokemon Black. However this game is support by Nintendo DS and 3DS. There are new features with new Pokemon are added. Some new places a re-added to the game and some older are locked. There are three new leaders and new champions introduced in the game.

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Download Pokemon Black 2 ROM

You can download Pokemon Black 2 ROM and can play on your PC, phone or Tablet with help of Nintendo DS or 3ds emulator.

You must visit the official Nintendo store to purchase the game in following versions.

  • Pokemon Black 2 Japanese version ROM:
  • Pokemon Black 2 Global version ROM: 


How do you download a Pokemon Black 2 ROM?

Go to the above links and click on download. After that download an emulator that can run these files to play the game.

What is the best emulator for Pokemon Black 2?

DeSmuME, No$GBA,  Neon DS, and iDeaS are some best emulator to play Pokemon black 2 game on android phone.

How can I play Pokemon Black 2 on Android?

Download Pokemon Black 2 ROM and install Neon DS to play Pokemon 2 on android.

Are Pokemon Black and Black 2 the same?

Pokemon black 2 is a sequel of Pokemon Black and there are many changes and updates in Black 2. So we can say they are not the same.

Do I need to play Black before Black 2?

If you want to follow the story and you have enough time then play Pokemon Black and after that go for Black 2. If you want to play just for fun then skip black and jump to Pokemon Black 2.

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